Monday, October 3, 2016

Sculpture Commissions

Recently I finished two commissions based on sculptural forms. A fire screen that takes the form of tongues of flames, carved out of solid oak. 
 The idea was inspired by the client seeing a detail of an image of one of my Pondlife tables on my website.
The form of the flames is therefore derivative of the pondlife reeds but has evolved to mirror the dynamic movement of a fire.
Function and form come together in an inspiring way.

A second commission, a wall relief, is based on one of my Ideas in the Making experiments, which was part of a series of works created through my Arts Council funded research.

The relief is derived from experiments involving the cutting of narrow strips of ash wood into male/female parts, following a single prescribed contour and then offsetting the matching separate parts into a new configuration.
The elaborate relief is therefore derived from a single contour line; this is one of a series of reliefs and forms that explore the nature of revealing “hidden” form.

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