Friday, March 15, 2013

Clergy seating in situ, Dorchester Abbey

The clergy seating has now been installed next to the choir stalls in Dorchester Abbey.

Clergy seating with extra wide seat to allow for robes. Front legs extend to hand grips to enable ease in rising from the chair.  
The Dorchester Cross design on chair and desk
Clergy seating placed next to one set of the choir stalls
Clergy seating placed next to the other set of choir stalls

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guild Mark for Dorchester Abbey Choir Stalls

This week we heard the good news that the Dorchester Abbey choir stalls have been awarded the prestigious, bespoke Guild Mark by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers, which represents Britain’s Furniture Industry. The award is given by a nine-person jury of the country’s top designers and craftsmen and is judged on the basis of excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function.

As can be seen from the images we also installed the clergy seating to complement the choir stalls this week.

Philip with the choir stalls and one of the clergy chairs and desks
One of the clergy seats and desks in front of the choirs stalls.
James actually working on the clergy desk: cutting out the cross in the side panel

Updates and images of recent commissions will follow soon

Having been too busy before and after Christmas with new commissions we will be updating you soon on these projects such as, for example, a commemorative table to celebrate a recent marriage and an heirloom treasure chest of drawers.
Variation on our OneOak table.

A glass insert in the middle with commemorative lettering engraved in celebration of a marriage